Is business value locked inside your IBM iSeries?

Your IBM iSeries enterprise applications run your business, and have for years

But they weren’t built to provide the kind of data access that today’s web and mobile developers need from your host-based systems. The result?Ugly work-around, errors, and unhappy users. Instead of banging your head against the wall trying to meet today’s needs using yesterday’s methods,

What if you could?

Empower developers to access real-time data for web and mobile applications, simply calling web services (APIs) from your host-based applications as they would from any other service-enabled platform?
Bridge the skills gap between today’s web and mobile developers and the programming languages that underlie your host-based applications?
Ensure that business rules are followed, vastly reducing errors and improving productivity?
Do it all without having to modify the enterprise application code that runs your business?

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Maintec iSeries protects your business against errors, delays, and productivity losses, while unlocking the valuable real-time data that your web and mobile applications need to give your users a great experience. Better yet, you won’t have to touch the back-end code.

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